International Tour

Galactic Inter Tournament 2023

Prepare for the Galactic Inter Tournament in 2023, featuring top players from around the gaming world.

Galactic Inter Tournament 2023
eFootball 2023
  • 50k Prize Pool
  • 8v8 Play Mode
  • PC Platform

eFootball Season 04

Tournament Standings

1 Purple Death CadetsPurple Death Cadets 11003
2 Trigger Brain SquadTrigger Brain Squad 00000
3 The Black Hat HackersThe Black Hat Hackers 00000
4 Your Worst NightmareYour Worst Nightmare 00000
5 Witches and QuizardsWitches and Quizards 00000
6 Resting Bitch FacesResting Bitch Faces 10010

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eFootball Season 04

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